Global Divers Unlimited

Global Dive Guide is brought to you by Global Divers Unlimited: a team of inspired and impassioned divers who also happen to be committed web developers, Android/iOS software engineers, business developers and content providers dedicated to the collation and provision of quality information designed to simplify the planning of your next dive adventures.

Kay Lewis


Kay is Global Dive Guide’s content editor and provider; she takes care of Global Dive Guide content in all formats including iOS, Android and website content. Hailing from London and allergic to cold drizzle, Kay has followed the sun across Asia and Central America for the last 10 years in the pursuit of her passion for diving and is as much at home in the caves of Mexico as she is amongst the reefs of an ocean.  




A founding member of Global Dive Guide Kim has always managed to mix business with pleasure and has siezed an opportunity to provide the global diving community with an innovative, comprehensive dive guide using digital solutions.  Kim is responsible for business development, although in his spare time can be found pursuing an insatiable passion for cave exploration and photography whilst advocating and teaching safe cave diving practices in Quintana Roo, Mexico.


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Rickard is a founding member of Global Dive Guide and is responsible for the development of our iOS app.  Currently living in Stockholm, Sweden, Rickard comes from a gaming software background, however he can be persuaded away from his computer if it means a chance to jump in the water with a couple of tanks to go and poke around in the caves of the Yucatan.




Tom is the second half of Global Dive Guide’s software development team and is responsible for our Android app. Originally from the UK, Tom has spent the last 15 years living and diving extensively across New Zealand, Asia and Central America. When not working he can be found diving and pursuing his passion for underwater photography. He regularly contributes photos for some of our featured dive sites.