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Los Roques

A paradise of turquoise waters, white sandy beaches and emerald lagoons protected by stunning reefs and rich mangrove habitat. Archipelago Los Roques is one of the world's greatest diving hotspots. With such a superb array of marine life, Los Roques is an underwater photographer's dream!

Los Roques National Park is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 150 km north of the central coast of of Venezuela, between the Archipelago Las Aves (to the west) and the Island of La Orchila (to the east). It has a privileged geographical situation, excellent environmental conditions, exempt of hurricanes, warm waters (between 25º- 30 ºC all year) and the influence of trade winds blowing east and east-northeast.
It groups 57 islets and 200 cays and sandbanks covering an area of more than 221,000 Hectares. It is separated from the neighboring islands and the continental coast by depths over 1000 meters.
Los Roques National Park was the first Marine Park decreed in the Caribbean (August 1972) and the most important coral island formation in the Caribbean (and Western Hemisphere). It is considered the largest marine park in Latin America, its reef complex, has an area of 1,500 km, while the geographical area bounded by cays and islands occupy an area of approximately 1,100 km.
The privileged geographical situation of the archipelago, coupled with its excellent environmental conditions, make this site the most important climax community of its kind in the caribbean, where hundreds of species of fish, corals, crustaceans and sponges coexist in this perfect natural ecosystem, isolated from the mainland and with a minimum environmental impact.