Three Trees

Batfish Bend

Island #9. Three Trees lies off the northeast corner of Island #9, taking its name from the row of trees lining the edge of the island that provide a reference for descent. The top of the reef begins 8m/26ft below the surface, gradually stepping down until it reaches the sandy floor at 18m/59ft. Rocky outcroppings, overhangs and boulders are covered by a rich blanket of soft corals, sea plumes and gorgonians punctuated by giant barrel sponges. At the deepest point of the dive, between 25-35m/82-115ft a collection of large boulder formations are scattered across the sand, beautifully decorated with stunning burnt orange knotted sea fans and huge, waving gorgonians where black durgons hover in amongst the glassfish that congregate in their schools of thousands, swimming in unison above the reef.

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