North Point

Rocky Point

Island #9. This diverse site with a depth range between 10-50m/33-164ft has something for everyone. From busy, shallow reef plains, deeper swim-thrus and an impressive pinnacle North Point presents some superb Similans diving. At 0.6miles/1km north of Island #9 the buoy line drops down to a huge formation of granite rocks, boulders and swim-thrus 15m/49ft below the surface that continue to tumble down to 35m/115ft at their deepest point. Travel south from the buoy line to find a stunning channel created by an enormous granite rock stretching from east to west. The North Pinnacle sits in deep water, covered with enormous sea plumes and gorgonian sea fans, teeming with life. For less experience divers the shallow reef nearer to the island presents fields of hard corals that play host to a fantastic array of fish, crustaceans and invertebrates.

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