Koh Tachai - Reef

Leopard Shark Reef

This stunning, sloping reef stretches across the eastern side of the island, travelling from northeast to southwest. At its shallowest the top of the reef is at 5m/16ft below the surface, a mass of rocks, boulders and coral gardens that tumble their way down to the sandy floor as the gentle slope becomes a steep drop-off falling beyond 30m/98ft. Staghorn, brain and fire corals cover the entire area providing perfect nurseries for a host of juvenile reef fish such as sweetlips, butterflyfish and tangs. Lush anemones scatter splashes of vibrant colour as their popular resident clown fish dart in and out between the swaying tentacles. There are plenty of overhangs and crevices to explore in amongst the coral outcroppings where rare and shy, twin-spotted lionfish have been found hiding in the shadows.

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