Koh Tachai - Pinnacle

Twin Peaks

Koh Tachai pinnacle is located off the southern tip of Koh Tachai Island, 12miles/20km north of Koh Bon. This popular, and some would say famous dive site is a totally submerged rocky ridge covered with encrusting stony corals and plate corals that runs between two pinnacles beginning at a depth of 12/39ft. A huge dome-like granite boulder is the central feature of this site with an assortment of large and small boulders surrounding it creating canyons and plateaus rich with life. Soft corals, sea whips and lush anemones adorn the broad, flat areas that step down at varying depths before sloping off beyond 40m/131ft. Giant manta rays frequently come to feed in these rich waters, swooping down from the top of the pinnacle creating a magical spectacle for divers below.

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