Barracuda Point

Island #5. Starting at the southernmost tip of Island #5 and stretching west to Tuna Wreck, Hideaway’s mild currents and great visibility make it an incredibly popular dive for all levels. With depths varying between 7-40m/23-131ft the dynamic topography swings between pristine, thriving reef in the shallows and imposing granite boulder formations in the deeper areas. Descend to 30m/98ft and head south to explore the largest boulders scattered in piles across the sandy bottom, the smooth granite surfaces splashed with the rich dark green of branching acropora corals. Follow the sloping reef upwards to the north and the scene changes with multi-coloured soft corals and glorious wide-spanned gorgonians blanketing the jumbled heaps of rocks and smaller boulders. Ascend to the shallows and gardens of blue-tipped staghorn coral, encrusting star corals and impressive lettuce corals dominate the reef hosting rainbows of tiny, dancing demoiselles.

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