Elephant Head Rock

Hin Pusa / Hin Hua ka-loak

Between Island #7 and #8. Instantly recognisable Elephant Head Rock is located 0.9mile/1.5km south of Koh Similan #8. The largest of the Similan pinnacle sites, these three enormous boulders that break the water’s surface plummet down to depths of 50m/164ft surrounded by a massive jumble of rocks and smaller boulders forming a network of swim-thrus, arches, gullies and sheer walls, tall enough and wide enough for divers to navigate safely. Due to the rich soup of macro-organisms that are constantly washed across the site by strong currents the gorgonians and sea fans grow to huge proportions, splashing vibrant colours of burnt orange and deep purple across the granite rock. Masses of soft tree corals adorn the walls of the archways and swim-thrus along with twisted rope sponges and bright flower corals.

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