East of Eden

Gluay-Mai (The Orchid Garden)

East of Island #7. On the northern side of East of Eden the shallow reefs are filled with the deep orange and red hues of delicate sea fans and huge, waving gorgonians that play host to thousands of silvery glassfish flashing in the sunlight. Giant barrel sponges are scattered across the fields of staghorn, maze brain and plate corals as the reef falls steeply down to the sandy bottom at 40m/131ft. The deeper coral pinnacles play host to fire gobies and ribbon eels as well as giant frogfish that hide in plain sight. Heading south a spectacular, towering coral pinnacle reaches up from 24m/79ft before stopping 10m/33ft beneath the surface. Adorned with lush soft corals, anemones and a kaleidoscope of Christmas tree worms, the pinnacle plays host to a multitude of macro including nudibranchs, cowries and harlequin ghost pipefish.

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