Deep Six

North of Island #7. Surrounding the northernmost point of Koh Pa-Yu, Deep Six is hailed as one of the Similan's most magnificent boulder sites throughout all the islands. With depths ranging between 5-40m/16-131ft the diversity of marine life that can be found here is incredible, from striking bignose unicornfish to delicate ornate ghost pipefish Deep Six has it all. The largest of the boulders rises up from 22m/72ft from a jumble of smaller granite rocks and boulders creating a maze of cavernous swim-thrus and tunnels where huge sea fans and gardens of soft corals cling to the granite surfaces. As the reef slopes down to depths below 30m/98ft the jumbled boulders become more scattered, each providing safe haven for its own eco-system of invertebrates and fish. Ascending into the shallows hard coral outcroppings act as nurseries for a kaleidoscope of juvenile dottybacks and damselfish.

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