Christmas Point

West side of Island #9. To the furthest northwestern point of Island #9 centuries of swirling currents have eroded unique shapes into the huge, submerged boulders that lie scattered across the seabed in giant clusters at Christmas Point. Depths range from between 10-40m/33-131ft with the jumble of giant, granite rocks creating many swim-thrus and large crevices where leopard sharks or blacktip reef sharks may be spotted resting in the sandy channels in the deeper areas. A high, wide arch-type swim-thru sits at 25m/82ft adorned with lush, soft cauliflower corals and elegant gorgonian sea fans. The largest of the boulders, and the only one to break the surface, presents a fantastic display of vibrant tropical fish and invertebrates. Heading into the shallows, rich gardens of staghorn and hardbush coral host a multitude of juvenile wrasse, butterflyfish and damselfish.

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