Boonsung Wreck

Bangsak Wreck

Lying at 14-20m/46-66ft, the Boonsung Wreck was originally a tin mining boat that sank around 1984. Since being broken into pieces by the 2004 Tsunami the wreck is now liberally spread across a large area of sand about 7miles/12km from the mainland and plays host to a huge variety of marine life. The shallow depths and lack of penetration make the Boonsung Wreck a perfect wreck dive for all levels of diver. Large numbers of juvenile barracuda, bigeye trevally and yellow and two-lined snapper congregate in their hundreds around the larger parts of the wreck, creating shadows as they pass overhead. It is not unusual to spot passing whale sharks in this area, surrounded by an entourage of pilot fish and remoras.

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