Beacon Point

Southeast of Island #8. Deriving its name from the large beacon located on top of Island #8, Beacon Point is the deep extension of Beacon Reef reaching depths of 45m/148ft. Follow the steep drop off down to the sandy seabed where enormous granite boulders are covered with incredible gorgonians and huge, wide-spanned seafans of orange, red and purple. As the massive boulders tumble into each other they create huge swim-thrus and archways for exploration where blacktip and whitetip reef sharks can be spotted hugging the sandy floor, taking shelter from the current. The largest of the monolithic boulders rises up into a mass of blue and yellow fusiliers, bigeye snappers and oriental sweetlips that find their safety in numbers. Head towards the shallows at the end of the dive to be surrounded by a stunning hard coral garden filled with swarms of brightly coloured reef fish.

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