Anita's Reef

Hin Muan Dew

Island #5 and #6. Starting between the two islands, sloping white sands rich with coral outcroppings stretch all the way down to the southernmost tip of Island #5. The 4m/13ft shallows of Anita’s Reef are teeming with a kaleidoscope of juvenile damselfish, wrasse and tangs that buzz around the staghorn corals and stony table corals. As the reef gradually slopes downwards the larger coral gardens are filled with a resplendent display of soft tree corals and gorgonians. At 20m/66ft "Hin Muan Dew" is the star attraction of the site, rising up to 12m/39ft this magnificent coral bommie is covered with enormous gorgonian fans that sway gracefully in the current. Heading south will lead to a number of deeper, larger boulders. It is possible to catch the drift to Barracuda Point where Napoleon wrasse and whitetip reef sharks may be spotted. Similarly with the right conditions divers may continue to Hide Away Bay on the west side of Island #5 or as a drift north west along the side of Island #6.

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