Helsingborgs SDK Delfinen

Our goal is to offer our club members the opportunity to enjoy as much diving as possible. <br><br>Our boat trips regularly tour the wonderful dive sites of Kullaberg and the wrecks of Kattegatt and Öresund. ‘After work’ dives are scheduled continuously throughout the summer period and member trips to the more remote sites are arranged periodically during the year. Our compressor and gas bank are available for members to fill with air, nitrox and trimix. <br><br>Freediving training takes place during our weekly pool sessions in Helsingborg (Simhallsbadet) where scuba divers are also welcome to make use of the pool, free of charge, during the scheduled times. Training is provided at all levels, from beginner through to instructor. <br><br>As club members, our divers are part of the Swedish Sportsdiving Federation whose benefits include subscription to Sweden’s largest diving magazine, reliable diving insurance and plenty of discounts and offers from a wide range of partners. We offer all of the above at the lowest possible cost to make our club accessible to everyone. Welcome! <br><br>

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