Stingray Cavern

Stingray Cave

Stingray Cavern is located on one of the Jounieh area's longest reefs, Virgin Mary Reef. The top of Virgin Mary Reef starts at approximately 25m/82ft and travels down to around 50m/164ft. The cavern itself is a small, overhead environment that opens up at 33m/108ft, reaching a maximum of 8m/26ft to the back wall and a width of 12m/39ft. A blanket of crushed shells covers the floor of the cavern, the remains of hundreds of clams eaten by stingrays that have inhabited and visited the cavern over the years. As well as the stingrays that can be found sheltering inside the cavern, the image of a Lebanese minister has been placed in commemoration of his outstanding contribution to the Lebanese dive industry, specifically with regard to technical diving.

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