The Maze

Willy's Hole

At 5m/16ft a network of sandy channels wind their way through an abundance of azure vase sponges and vibrant encrusting corals that adorn the shallow reef as it stretches horizontally east to west opposite the shoreline. Heading west the bottom slopes down to find the famous Willi's Hole, a semi-cave located at 21m/69ft adorned with colourful tube and rope sponges that play host to a multitude of channel cleaning crabs. At the back of Willi’s Hole another, smaller opening leads into a second, larger cave. Continuing along the reef beyond Willi’s Hole the sandy bottom slopes further to depths of up to 129m/423ft. Alternatively, heading east a series of impressive, sheer ‘chimneys’ covered in a rich assortment of gorgonians and sea plumes ascend up to the shallow reef plateau 6m/20ft below the surface.

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