The Lighthouse

This expansive, pretty reef surrounding Utila's lighthouse ranges in depths of 3-30m/10-98ft providing superb conditions for all diver levels from novice to adventurous night divers. There are four buoys servicing Lighthouse. The east and central buoys are both situated in the shallows to a maximum depth of 10-12m/33-39ft where divers can enjoy lush gardens filled with vibrant corals, rope sponges and gorgonians. The buoy to the west is perfect for night diving and a great place for spotting spiny lobster and octopus as they venture out of their hiding holes after dark. Finally the buoy on the outer reef allows for deeper dives along the wall. Travel east to explore the crevices, overhangs and small caverns from 12m/40ft or continue down to explore the sandy, rubbly bottom at 24m/79ft before it gradually slopes down to 30m/98ft and beyond.

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