Ted's Point

The shallow plateaus of Ted’s Point, 5m/16ft below the surface are bathed in sunlight and filled with stunning bommies of maze corals, fire corals and an array of lush gorgonians that play host to a myriad of chromis and juvenile wrasse. A labyrinth of channels and rivulets criss-cross their way through the reef before it drops down to 12m/39ft where it meets the sloping, sandy floor. Heading south from the buoy a large coral outcropping is heavily adorned with an impressive array of wide-spanned sea fans, branching gorgonians and pristine fire corals. Continue southwest to find Ted’s Wreck laying on its side in the sand between 18-21m/59-69ft, completely covered with encrusting corals, soft corals and sponges, home to Caribbean reef octopus, green moray eels and groupers.

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