Spotted Bay

Paraiso / West End

Situated below the Utila Cays on the northwestern side of the island, the stunning, sloping reefs and sandy channels of Spotted Bay range in depth between 6-70m/20-230ft making it popular for both recreational and technical diving and diver training. In the shallows the fringing reef that runs out from the shoreline is lush with sea plumes, pillar corals and sea fans, playing host to blue chromis and clown wrasse. South of the buoy a large sandy area is connected by a network of channels that carve their way through the reef to the rocky edge before it drops down to a wide, sandy plateau at 28m/90ft. Continuing north the reef will continue to fall down to depths exceeding 30m/98-102ft. Alternatively, heading west along the reef the wall becomes more vertical, beautifully decorated with golden gorgonians, exotic sea plumes and giant barrel sponges descending to depths exceeding 40m/131ft.

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