Moon Hole

Ron's Wreck

The large, sandy arena of Moon Hole is surrounded by a stunning mix of hard and soft coral reef, perfect for novice and inexperienced divers to hone their skills. With the top of the reef averaging between 4-7m/13-23ft there is also plenty of light for photographers to enjoy the collection of harlequin pipefish, Caribbean reef octopus and other crustaceans that can be found sheltering in amongst the cracks and crevices. Roaming across the sand, divers may come across the scattered remnants of an old bicycle, a perfect nursery for juvenile wrasse and blue tangs, as well as beautiful coral heads filled with busy cleaning stations. Travel west across the reef, dropping down over the edge of the small wall, to explore Ron’s Wreck, a small shrimp fishing boat that lies in the sand at 18-20m/59-66ft.

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