Kenny's Reef

Stretching from the shoreline a maze of sandy channels and pathways weave their way through the shallows to the reef edge 4.5m/15ft below the surface. It is not unusual to experience close encounters with hawksbill turtles and nurse sharks amongst the rocky overhangs and narrow, sandy canyons as the reef gradually tumbles down to a depth of 30m/98ft. Some would consider Laberynth to be the most impressive of the walled sites on the south side of Utila island with such a spectacular array of soft corals, encrusting corals and vibrant sponges painting rainbows of purple, orange, yellow and green across the ocean floor. Travel west to explore shady swim-thrus and an impressive coral head that rises up from 30m/98ft filled with stunning brain and pillar corals, providing shelter for a myriad of tropical fish and crustaceans.

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