Black Hills

This magnificent sea mound is located 2miles/3.2km off the south coast of Utila. Towering up from depths of 40m/131ft, the peak of the mound sits 9m/30ft below the surface of the water. Due to its exposed location, the area is continuously fed by a rich, microbiotic soup of plankton providing a wealth of nutrients for the abundance of fish and invertebrates that inhabit Black Hills. Fields of golden gorgonians, lush sea plumes, sea rods and impressive purple sea fans adorn the sweeping slopes as they descend into deep water. Pristine brain coral boulders, lettuce corals, colonies of sheet corals and encrusting orange and green cup corals compete for every inch of space over the sea mound’s rocky surface, providing shelter and protection for a huge diversity of tropical reef fish and crustaceans.

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