Aquarium is an extraordinary mix of three reefs incorporating pretty coral gardens, sandy plains and a stunning wall filled with a rich variety of soft corals, colourful sponges and encrusting corals. The shallow ‘shoreline’ reef stretches west to east parallel to the shore, the rock edges sculpted into archways, caverns and overhangs by millions of years of natural wave erosion. The reef then descends sharply to 9m/30ft, meeting the long, flat, sandy area scattered with fields of mermaid fans and coral outcroppings. As the sand continues to slope southwards the hard and soft coral gardens become denser forming the ‘middle’ reef at a depth of 12m/39ft. Follow the reef to the edge where the wall, decorated with magnificent sea fans, bright green algaes and cup and flower corals drops vertically down into the sand below at 28m/92ft.

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