Airport Caves

Starting at 3m/10ft below the surface, the pristine reef of Airport Caves is filled with a rich display of impressive sea fans, purple gorgonians and vibrant, encrusting sponges that play host to an array of colourful damselfish and chromis. Descending the reef wall to 12m/39ft, a network of narrow canyons and swim-thrus wind their way through the sand, taking divers on an exciting journey in and out of the overheads and small caverns that dominate the site at this depth. Travelling west from the buoy will lead to the largest tunnel, decorated with beautiful soft corals and bright sponges. Follow the reef to the east and the wall slopes gently downwards to meet the sand at 15m/49ft where eagle rays can be spotted hunting for crustaceans. Continuing south across the sand an array of pipefish, butterflyfish and angelfish make their homes in a second reef that exceeds depths of 30m/98ft.

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